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6mm x 500m Draw Cord Drum

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6mm x 500m Draw Cord Drum

Our Blue drawing cord is used for pulling pipes through service cables through ducting.

This bundle of drawcord made of polypropylene rope is intended to pull pipes and service cables through ducting. A length of about 500 metres, 6mm thick, and blue in colour. Most ducting coils include a drawstring attached at the factory, however it’s fairly flimsy and can eventually break, causing unneeded delays. However, due to our drawing cord being thicker than the one provided it can be used to prevent breakages, drawcord is frequently used when installing ducting. This enables a quick and simple installation.

Drawcord is required because some ducting doesn’t have any drawstrings at all.

Ducting coils:

We provide an extensive and technologically cutting-edge variety of ducting solutions. All of the civil, utility, and telecommunication markets can be served by us. These ducting systems offer the benefits of a lightweight, flexible product along with excellent strength and durability. The pipe, which is made of polyethylene, is often delivered in either 110mm or 63mm diameter with a length of 50m. The product is strengthened externally by the corrugated contour, while the inside hole is smooth to prevent cables from snagging.

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