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Ducting Coil Coupling

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Ducting Coil Coupling

This coupling is required if you are cutting and joining sections of the ducting coil. Our ducting coils come in widths 63 0r 110mm, with a length of 50m. Ducting coil is used to protect various different pipes and cables.

Ducting coils:

We provide an extensive and technologically cutting-edge variety of ducting solutions. All of the civil, utility, and telecommunication markets can be served by us. These ducting systems offer the benefits of a lightweight, flexible product along with excellent strength and durability. The pipe, which is made of polyethylene, is often delivered in either 110mm or 63mm diameter with a length of 50m. The product is strengthened externally by the corrugated contour, while the inside hole is smooth to prevent cables from snagging.

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Coupling / Connector




HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

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