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Threshold Luxe 60 Corner Unit – Silver Aluminium Safeheel Slotted Grate

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Corner Unit

The Threshold Corner Units can be used to make 90 Degree angles between channels so that if you have to take your run around corners you won’t have to cut the channel. Connectors will be needed to connect the channel to the corner units at either end. Every corner unit has a specifically designed corner grating to make sure the turn in your channel looks as seamless as possible.

Threshold Luxe:

Threshold Luxe is the perfect solution for discreet drainage in your home, in front of doorways, patios, or other areas where a sleek and minimal look is desired. The narrow profile of the channel is perfect for squeezing into those tight gaps, less digging is required when working with smaller channels. Channel has a width of 61mm and a depth of 100mm. For the size, it makes most of the storage capacity whilst maintaining overall low dimensions. The Gratings are available in either Silver or Black, and come with 4 narrow slots in a row, making the most of both a longitudinal style and slotted grating, dramatically aiding in the capture of surface water.

Ideal for:

  • Gardens & Patios
  • In front of doorways
  • Pool Areas
  • Terrace & Balconies


Corner Unit
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Additional information

Channel Drainage Loading

A15 (1.5 Tonne)

Channel Drainage Material

Composite Plastic

Channel Drain Type

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