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StormGuard+ Attenuation Crate

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The StormGuard+ stormwater retention system enhances efficiency in infiltration, retention, and attenuation systems. Designed for quick installation and boasting 100% inspectability, its adaptable modular design can be customised for any project, making it ideal for landscaped areas and industrial environments.

The StormGaurd+ made from recycled polypropylene, effectively collects rainwater and temporarily stores it. The stored water is then gradually released into drainage systems, reducing the risk of downstream flooding in urban areas.

The storage capacity of StormGuard+ can be tailored to meet specific site requirements and features an impressive void ratio of 96%. This means its cavity volume is three times larger than an equivalent amount of gravel, resulting in reduced excavation depth and labour hours.

Key Benefits: 
  •  Made from recycled materials, creating an environmentally friendly, and sustainable solution.
  • BBA Approved.
  • High Quality
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Modular
  • 96% Void Ratio
  • Lightweight, yet robust – excellent health & safety installation benefits.


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