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B125 600 x 600 x 42mm Ductile Iron Solid Top Manhole Cover

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B125 600 x 600 x 42mm Ductile Iron Solid Top Manhole Cover

Access covers and gratings are capable of withstanding a 12.5 tonnes test load. For use in car parks and pedestrian areas where occasional vehicular access is likely.

Meets the requirements of EN124:2:015, tested and certified by the BSI. Unique pattern design provides high USRV & PSRV skid resistance value. Easy lift and keyhole access. Ductile iron for improved weight-to-strength ratio. Black coated finish. Designed and engineered for an easy seal, when packed with grease it provides an airtight seal. Spheroidal graphite cast iron according to EN 1563, as per the requirements of EN124-2:2015.

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Manhole Cover & Frame


Ductile Iron

Load Class:




Clear Opening Size

600 x 600mm

Base Size

675 x 675mm

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