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B125 450 ⌀ x 42mm Solid Top Composite Manhole Cover

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B125 ⌀ 450mm x 42mm Solid Top Composite Cover and PP Frame Lockable

Access covers and gratings are capable of withstanding a 12.5 tonnes test load. For use in car parks and pedestrian areas where occasions vehicular access is likely.

Three screw locking for the increased general security of the cover in the frame. Standard Philips head locking screw provides easy removal and maintenance. Higher security screws were available on request. Uniquely designed anti-skid top pattern matrix, providing an impressive skid resistance value, especially when compared to the composite cover solutions. Our extensively designed and developed top pattern matrix provides high wearability. Ideal for areas with high pedestrian footfall. Our unique composition of material allows for minimal to no vibrations. Ensuring the supporting area and structures are unaffected by the trafficking of the cover. The Unique composition of the eco cover range provides a high UV resistance value, ensuring the product maintains a high level of aesthetics. Less noisy than conventional materials utilized for access solutions such as steel or aluminum. Fully recyclable and have a low embodied energy when compared with other materials used for the same application. Designed and manufactured for ease of installation and maintenance. Our unique SMC material has been researched and designed to ensure a long life span.

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Manhole Cover & Frame



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450mm ⌀

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