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4MM Weldmesh Gabions

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Gabions are manufactured from steel wire, resistance welded at intersections to form a dimensionally stable bi-axial mesh panel. Panels to be resistant welded at each and every intersection with a minimum average weld shear strength value of 75% of the minimum breaking strength of the wire.

Gabions are to be factory assembled with galvanised steel clips connecting the side panels and the diaphragms to the base panel. Gabions to be supplied flat packed for on-site assembly.


Gabions are usually used to create a free drainage gravidity retaining structures in slope stabilisation and erosion protection applications. Infilled Gabions are used to secure erosive landscapes and provide structural support for applications such as bridge abutments, wing walls, and outlet aprons. Gabions can also be used to clad unsightly areas to improve aesthetics.


Wire to be galvanised to EN 10244-2 steel wire and wire products- Non-ferrous metallic coatings on steel wire. Zinc or Zinc-alloy coatings on steel wire. ASTM B 750standard specification for Galfan (95% Zn and 5% AL).

Nominal wire thickness to be 3.0 diameter to BS 1052:1980. Specification for mild steel wire for general engineering purposes with a typical wire tensile strength between 600-900X/mm² with tolerances to EN 10218-2 1996. Dimensional requirements to EN 10223-4 Steel wire and products.

Mesh Panel

Mesh openings to be square with nominal dimensions of 76.2mm x 76.2mm.

Erection Of Gabion

Gabions supplied to site flat-packed (typically on pallets). For further erection details please see the separate sheet


Helical (not supplied as standard) can be used for vertical joints and shall be of a nominal 3.0mm wire diameter.

Preformed Corner Bracing Ties (not supplied as standard) to be formed with a nominal 3mm wire diameter having a minimum tensile strength of 350N/mm2.