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Introducing Our New Jumbo Grease Traps

Introducing our new Jumbo Grease traps supplied to us by Turtle Enviro. Designed to enhance and improve the performance against fats, oils, and greases.

A grease trap is most commonly used in commercial kitchens and smaller scale restaurants to ensure that they can meet the requirement of all relevant legislations. The Jumbo grease trap has been designed to meet both building regulations Part H and BS EN 1825 the British standard for all grease traps and separators.

The Jumbo grease trap is an underground, fat, oil, and grease interceptor created to operate passively. Simply stopping the flow of wastewater and allowing it to cool and separate into three layers inside the interceptor—FOGs, solids, and water—is how passive designs function.

FOGs (Fats, Oils, and Greases) float to the top of the water because they have a specific gravity that is lower than that of water, which causes them to separate from the water as wastewater enters the unit. All passive grease traps/interceptors operate on the principle of “Gravity Separation,” which is a tested design.

Solids and food waste, which are heavier, will fall to the unit’s base as the FOGs build a “grease layer” at the top. By using the hollow baffle and step to define a flow path inside the unit and, in addition, the moulded step, which enables better settlement and enhanced storage of solids and sludge, the Jumbo’s patented design improves this separation process.

Our Jumbo grease trap is now 22% deeper than the previous model, increasing the working volume to 340 litres, converting the unit to a Nominal size 1 and providing 20% additional solids storage due to an increased step height.

For any more information on our new Grease Traps, supplied by Turtle Envrio please visitour website at www.polydrainage.co.uk.

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